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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Science Censorship in Australia?

In the wake of the George Deutsch affair, where a 24 year old Presidential appointee to the PR section of NASA tried to censor scientists over global warming and the Big Bang, there have been claims that Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrialisation Organisation has been censoring scientists too.

This mostly relates to Greenhouse gas work. Our government isn't a fan of global warming, and is not a Kyoto signatory. On Monday night there was a 4 Corners documentary on these claims. I didn't see it as I ended up going to a school parent-teacher thing. From the transcript and this report it looks like there is some interference, although not quite as balant as in the US. However, this ABC story isn't as sanguine, and includes examples of other alleged interference in scientists work. That story also features a bioethicist sounding off at a complete tangent.

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