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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Stardust Returns (3)

9:45 ACDST The capsule is intact! Tom is doing a better job of blogging than I am, so I'll send you over there for details (I'm watching while trying to clean up after dinner). Now you can sign up for Stardust@home, maybe find a dust particle and get a chance to name it.

9:48 ACDST. Two helicopters have landed, one is circling, the recovery crew is heading out.

10:15 ACDST. The capsule has been loaded onto a helicopter and is heading back to the clean room. This will be the start of a long process to idenrtify and extract the cometary dust particles.

11:08 ACDST. The capsule hs been returned safe and sound. I am now off to bed.

Pop in to the bad astronomer as well as Tom and Stuart, and check out this image of the Stardust spacecraft captured by astronomy students.

I don't know about better, but I thought to do it, so that was a feat in itself.

Glad I could watch on TV, I couldn't get the webcast until after it was over.
Ah, so that's how you did it, that way you could watch AND type. I had to watch the webcast a bit, then switch to the weblog editing page and type (as well as trying to do the dishes and answer queries from my kids about unrelated matters).

I'm glad you did it, you put some nice perspective into it.
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