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Monday, December 12, 2022


The Oppostion of Mars 8 December 2022

Evening sky on Thursday 8 December (the night of opposition) looking east as seen from Adelaide at astronomical twilight, 90 minutes after sunset (22:06 ACDST). Mars is in the readily unrecognizable constellation of Taurus the Bull. 

At opposition Mars is below the bright red star Aldebaran and the distinctive "V" shape of the Hyades cluster. It is also close to the iconic constellation of Orion with it's distinctive belt and Mars, Aldebaran and the red star Betelgeuse form a triangle. 

Mars will head towards the beautiful cluster the Pleiades during December ad the first half of January, then moves aback down the Horns of the Bull. (90 minutes after sunset). (click to embiggen). 

On December 8 Mars was at opposition, when is at its biggest and brightest as seen from Earth. Mars will still be very worthwhile to watch for all December and early January. Here is my belated guide to seeing it (Yes, it's late, exam marking and internet outages stopped me up loading, sorry).


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