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Saturday, June 20, 2020


Wold Record Light Pollution Monitoring Event, Sunday June 21, 2020

Evening sky looking south as seen from Adelaide at 18:43 ACST at astronomical twilight (90 minutes after sunset). The southern cross is almost directly south and high above the horizon. Click to embiggen.

Sunday June 21 is the solstice, when the night is longest. It is also the night of the new Moon and time for a light pollution monitoring ebent.

The event is an attempt to set a world record for light pollution mapping put on by the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance, details here

You will have to register and do a short lesson on magnitude estimation. The all you have to do is go out and look south on the night of the 21st and contribute to our understanding of light pollution and the creeping loss of our magnificent night skies. There may even be a nice ISS pass to enjoy as well.

Even if it is cloudy you can still add to the record.  Cloud cover predictions can be found at SkippySky.

If you are not sure how to find south, Google maps or any street directory will show you south (or see the chart above, find the Southern Cross and you have found South).

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