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Sunday, December 31, 2017


Southern Skywatch January 2018 edition is now out!

Evening sky as seen on January 31 at 22:30 ACDST, with the total Lunar eclipse well under way on a "Blue" Moon. Similar views will be seen elsewhere in Australia at the equivalent local time. (click to embiggen).

The January edition of Southern Skywatch is  now up.

This month  sees most of the action move in the morning sky. Speedy Mercury  and Saturn return to the morning twilight.

January 2; Moon at Perigee ("Super Moon").

 Mars and  Jupiter climb higher in the morning sky. January 7; Jupiter and Mars very close. January 12; crescent Moon, Mars and Jupiter form a triangle.

January 13; Saturn and Mercury close. January 15; Moon at Apogee. January 15; Thin crescent Moon close to Saturn and Mercury low in morning twilight.

Jan 15-31; Asteroid Ceres visible in binoculars.

January 29; variable star Mira at maximum brightness.

January 31; "Blue" Moon and total Lunar Eclipse. This is the first total lunar eclipse since September 2015, and the best of the two Lunar eclipses this year.


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