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Saturday, July 29, 2017


How to see Bright Nova ASSN-17hx from Australia

Location of Galactic nova ASASSN-17hx as seen from Adelaide at midnight. It is just above gamma Scutum (indicated on the map.), between gamma Scut and V450 Scut. Click to embiggen

Galactic nova ASASSN-17hx has brightened remarkably since it was first seen at magnitude 12.5, it is now magnitude 8-9. It may have peaked, and observations are reguested to follow this bright nova.

The Nova is definitely bright enough to be seen in small telescopes, and may even be picked up in binoculars from dark sky locations.  Watching over the next few days will reveal if it brightens more or fades.

The nova is in Scutum between Gamma Sct (highlighted on chart which is suitable for binocular use)  and V50 Sct as indicated by the yellow star. click to embiggen.

It is  visible from the southern hemisphere and Australia. from astronomical twlight (and hour and a half after sunset to astronomical twight. It is higest and best for observation around 10 pm local time.

The Moon is setting around midnight so viewing and imaging is best after Moon set. However, over the coming days this means the nova will be closer to the horizon.

Black and white printable chart suitable for telescope use. Star magnitudes to 10 are indicated. The frame is the field of view of a 35 mm camera on a reflector scope. Click to embiggen and print.

The J2000 location of the NOVAis RA = 18:31:45.918, Dec = -14:18:55.57

Black and white printable chart suitable for binocular use (equivalent to the photorealistic chart above). Click to embiggen and print.


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