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Saturday, April 15, 2017


And now for something completely different, the Orion Nebula with a point and shoot camera.

The Orion Nebula taken with my Canon IXUS opposed to a 20 mm eyepiece on my 8" Newtonian (infinity-infinity), with tracking on. Stack of 3x5 second exposures an 400 ASA (deep sky stacker). Click to embiggen.

An experiment I've been wanting to try for ages, taking deep sky images with my point and shoot camera. I have the motor drive on tracking in dec, but I didn't properly polar align the scope, so there is some drift.

Still not bad for a first effort (my Mars and nebula effort counts as a first, really, but I was using a higher magnification for this one, so polar alignment was more critical and I mucked it up).


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