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Monday, November 07, 2016


Venus, Antares, Saturn and the Moon (2 and 3 November, 2016)

Venus, Saturn, Antares and the crescent Moon filled with Earth-shine below. Stack of 10 x 10 second 400 ASA Canon IXUS images stacked in Deep Sky Stacker. Imaged on 2 November around 9:00 pm. Click to embiggen to see the stars clearly.Same setup the following night (3 November). Click to embiggen to see the stars clearly.

Venus has moved up from the spectacular line up of the 28th, and has formed a nice triangle with Saturn and Antares. It was joined by thin crescent Moon on the 2nd and 3rd.

Of course, I was sick as a dog then, I was able to stumble out and take these two shots, before crawling back into bed, and have only now just processed them. They turned out fairly well considering I paid virtually no attention to the process (I had intended to go down the beach and do reflections and artistic stuff before I got sick, but shuffling out to the back yard stretched my capabilities to the limit).

Anyway, do embiggen the images, the extra detail is worth it.

Venus will continue to rise towards the "teapot" of Sagittarius, heading for a meeting with the lagoon nebula this weekend. 

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