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Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Astrophiz Podcast 16 is Out

Astrophiz Podcast 16 is out now.

At the Australian Space Science Conference we talk with Ian Whitechurch, CEO of Neumann Space, which has just secured a contract to test their solid state ion space drive on the International Space Station.

Dr Nadeshzda Cherbakov is back from her dacha and talks from Russia to tell us about Synchrotron Radiation.

In 'What's Up Doc?' I tell you what to look for up in the sky this week, the ‘blue’ new moon, earthshine, trans-neptunian object Sedna, Planet 9, how to use Heavens-above and Calsky to get email alerts for overhead satellites, Iridium flares, the ISS, comets and novas as they become visible over your own house.

In the news:
1. Schiaparelli Lander wrap up
2. Eta Carinae imaged in incredible detail
3. Proxima Centauri’s 7 year ’starspot’ cycle discovered

Next Week:
We talk with John Sarkissian, who is the Operations Scientist at the CSIRO Parkes Radio Observatory. It’s a sensational interview.

In two weeks:
We talk about the accelerating universe controversy with the Mt Stromlo Research Fellow, Cosmologist and Type Ia Supernovae researcher Dr Brad Tucker.


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