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Sunday, February 08, 2015


Jupiter Overexposed (8 February 2015)

My image of Jupiter taken through the 114 mm Newtonian with 25 mm eyepiece and my Canon IXUS using infinity to infinity focusing (400 ASA, 1 second exposure). 8 February at 9:30 pmStellarium prediction for the moons at 11 pm

I couldn't be bothered setting up the webcam CCD camera  (anybody got an old laptop with WIndows 2000 they want to get rid off? That way I can replace my current lash up (computer monitor to replace broken latop monitor, and needing mains power as the computer battery is shot) which takes about an hour to set up), so I used the Canon IXUS setup. Unfortunately I can't go below a second exposure, so the image of Jupiter is overexposed and slightly trailed.

Hopefully I will have time to set up the webcam at some stage, but it was nice to capture Jupiter tonight, the day after opposition

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