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Monday, July 01, 2013


Images from Saturday Nights Aurora Australis (29 June, 2013)

Images of the aurora from Trial Bay near Kettering in Tasmania, by Graham Sanders (all these images are copyright of their takers, so please ask permission if you want to use them). Brilliant pillars of lightPaul Albers got these shots near Flinders, Victoria. Being further north the colours are more muted than the Tasmanian ones, but as with his last images here, the composition is marvellous with the Magellanic clouds.

Damien Crowle got this from his back yard in Lenah Valley. Despite the lights you can see the Green glow.Brooke Brorsen took this image near Inverloch Victoria, I love the star trails and reflections in the rock pools. Sadly the fog moved in finishing Brooke's shoot

Dough Steley took this from Heyfield Victoria. He wiites "Not really visible to the human eye just the faintest glow on the southern horizon.
A 5 second exposure @ 6400iso and an f1.8 85mm lens on a Nikon D700 full frame digital, just captures the faint streaks."
Another one from Brooke Brorsen, there appears to be a satellite in this one.

Some images sent in by correspondents of the amazing Aurora Australis of last Saturday  night (29 March 2013) are shown above (thanks guys for sharing). They sent me lots more but I don't have time to show them all, wonderful though they are (they may also dispute my choice of pictures, but these ones kind of resonated with me).

The nearly full on impact from a fairly modest solar wind stream of a coronal hole saw a significant geomagnetic storm and aurora being detected in Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Sadly cloud cover meant many places were unable to see the Aurora Australis (like me), but quite a few people got to see the show before the Moon rose.

Now here's some links to some amazing images from the Aurora Australis Tasmania group (remember what I said about copyright and permissions). As with last time there is no particular order to these (and if I have missed you out, it's because I had to stop and go to bed, I should have done this yesterday when the pictures hadn't scrolled away, but exam marking was a priority).

Jolene Inori took these great shots from South Arm (Tasmania)

Deb Sulzberger took this lovely image from her back yard.

Dave Condon has a brilliant sequence as the aurora develops

Leoni George Williams also has a lovely sequence from the Mortimer Bay Reserve, Tasmania.

Leena Wizz has beams, people

James Garlick has a wonderful view of the aurora and the Milky way at Oatlands, Tasmania

Sophie Fazackerley has beams too!

Robert Todd has beams and the Milky Way from Safety Cove, Tasmania

Carl Gruber got some nice pillars from Flinders, Victoria

Melanie Crayford captured her first aurora at Howden, Tasmania.

James Stone made this brilliant time lapse video of the aurora

There's lots more amazing images, but I have to crash now.

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