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Monday, June 24, 2013


Post Perigee Moon (Super Moon), 24 June, 2013

Just past Full Moon on June 24, 2012 at roughly 8:30 pm as seen from Adelaide (click to embiggen).

While I missed out on Sundays Perigee Moon ( the so called "Super Moon") due to cloud (shakes fist at sky), tonight I was able to see the just-past-perigee Moon.

After, of course, clouds blanked out Venus and Mercury again. And prevented me from doing anything artistic with the rising Moon.

Anyway, this is a single image taken using infinity to infinity focussing, with my Canon IXUS (ASA 400, 1/500th second exposure) through my 20 mm lens with my 4" Newtonian. I've done an unsharp mask and increased the contrast a bit as the only processing. I tried to stack 5 images in Registax, but I couldn't get them to register (sigh). Still, not too bad if I say so myself.

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...way swell image!...(O:
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