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Sunday, June 23, 2013


No "Super Moon" for Me

No perigee Moon for me (inaccurately known as a "Super Moon").

Thick, orgulous cloud has cloaked the heavens, knocking out the Moon and Venus and Mercury close together.

A few hopeful gaps in the cloud allowed us to go to the beach, where we stood in howling wind and drizzle crashing kites into the ground at high speed. sadly, these gaps in the cloud have not translated into anything useful astronomically.

At least I get to stay inside near the heater.

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No "Super" Moon here in the Sunshine coast hinterland either due to heavy fluffy clouds.
...nope! ~ nada uber moon esque! ~ here neither!...\O:
And a VERY influential "perigree moon" this will turn out to be....sorry you missed it.

Where does the sun rise in your neck of the woods these days?

Google - "Huge Media Blackout Regarding Earth and Moon Orbital Changes"


The sky was REALLY clear in Adelaide at around 9pm. Now clouds for miles around the moon. It was BRIGHT!
Yes it was bright - I could almost comfortably read a newspaper by the moonlight.
It's still bright outside tonight and the moon is a day past perigree.
I couldn't visually see it being any bigger then any other time the moon illusion makes the moon look huge.
Oh and I did google that search term. The only comment worth repeating was one where someone says all "channellers" are disqualified because they aren't mentioning what is supposedly blacked out.
There is no record of timing and latitude/ longitudes for these observations, just vague statements that the sun and moon look different. Where's the 50 year logbook of sunrise and sunset sightings ?
Oh we'll ... Someone will always be wrong on the Internet.
In percentage terms, how full is the most unfull full moon? I.e. when in the lunar cycle the "full moon" is least or most inclined, how "unfull" is it?
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