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Monday, April 16, 2012


My Solarography Camera

I finally made and mounted my pinhole camera for the Solargraphy project. In the end getting the cans was the hardest bit. We are not a big carbonated beverage family, and we rarely by cans of drink so it took a little while to get some cans, and the the BDEW thew them out! Collected a second lot, and the BDEW threw them out again!!

So the final time I hid them, then I, my kayaking mate up the road, and his kids (mine didn't want to be involved :-( made pinhole cameras and put in the special film.

I've mounted mine high up, so I can get a good horizon effect, but taping the can while trying to level out the pinhole and balance on the ladder was, umm, challenging.

Now I just have to wait until 28 May to see how it came out.


I just taped mine up a couple of days ago. I managed to find some Guinness cans, which are long enough that you don't have to cut the photographic paper to fit. Fingers crossed for good results in May!

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