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Monday, November 28, 2011


Monday 28 November (Tonight), Student Presentations on Science Communication

Tonight (Monday, November 28) at the RiAus Science Exchange Building (scroll down for the map), after the Australian Science Communicators (SA) AGM, students from Pulteney Grammar School who have been undertaking extension work in science, with a focus on science communication, will present their work. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase their work and they are very excited to do so with an audience of those in the area of science communication. Please come along to support these up and coming science communicators, the topics range from robotics to paleontology covering a broad range of issues of interest to everyone.

Please book via eventbright, (yes, I know it says AGM, but the ticket will get you in for the presentations), the AGM starts at 6:00 and the student presentations at 6:45.

The Science Exchange
55 Exchange Place
Adelaide SA 5000

Where is the line between robotics and humanity? (Robotics)
How has cryptography evolved? (Cryptography)
Why do the muscles in the human body cramp? (Kinesiology)
How to manage prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries? (Sport Science)
How have humans evolved and how are they likely to evolve in the future? (Biology/Genetics)
Why do we buy/spend? (Consumer Psychology)
Why do we end the life of a member of our own species? (Criminal Psychology)
How has recently invented revolutionary surgery benefitted amateur and elite athletes? (Sport Science)
Why do we lie? (Lie Analysis)
How has quantum mechanics affected the world? (Quantum Physics)
How does the human body survive? (Biology)
Are computer viruses alive? (Computer Science)
How do we walk? (Sport Science)
How did the dinosaurs become extinct? (Palaeontology)
How sleep affects problem solving ability and memory recall? (Biology)


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