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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Fireball Alert! Falling Satellite May Light Up the Sky

The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), is falling out of orbit. Sometime between September 22 and September 24 the satellite will hit the atmosphere and burn up, producing a bright meteor-like train as it does. Exactly when and where is not certain, as the evolution of its orbit is still ongoing. You can check its progress on CalSky or Heavens Above from your site, just in case it burns up over your skies.

The satellite is currently tumbling, and can flash as bright as Venus, and of course Thierry Legault has a picture of it.


why not blow it up now, test a missile, make it a lot of little pieces before it enters atmosphere, where is the ABL when we need it??? ABL=AirBorneLaser
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