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Monday, August 15, 2011


Dinosaurs in Adelaide

There are virtual dinosaurs stalking the University of Adelaide

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My name is Vincent Bradley and I wanted to share a free resource from FindTheBest.com that allows you to search and compare telescopes.


FindTheBest is an objective search comparison engine. Our data driven platform allows users to interact with our site by filtering and sorting by what criteria is most important to them. We allow users to see past the marketing bias and make informed, objective decisions, which best meet, their needs.

Would you have any interest in adding this free resource to your site or allowing me to write a guest blog post? We also offer the ability to embed the whole comparison. I think these resources could be extremely useful for your readers. In return I can offer you a link on our PR 3 blog comparison.

Please contact me with any questions; I look forward to getting your feedback.


Vincent Bradley
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