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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The Things You See ....

.... when you don't have a camera.

Standing on the railway platform tonight, taking with one of my travelling friends, what I thought was Sirius behind his head was a satellite flare, moments later, a fireball screamed across the sky, flaring and leaving a smoky trail.


I was talking with a friend about the stars last week and about not being able to see Endeavour and the ISS any more here in Sydney because of the weather and the timing.
Right behind his head a big bright meteor broke into three before the pieces burned out. He wondered what my wooooooo was about.
JIB, you win one internets!
I had a similar experience a couple of months ago, mid-afternoon on a busy Melbourne street. A military plane passed in the north-east, and then a green fireball zipped across the south-west part of the sky (nowhere near the plane's trajectory). Nobody else seemed to notice either event -- I thought I'd gone mad for three delightful seconds ;-)
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