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Sunday, September 19, 2010


We did the Fun Run

So, EldestOne and I completed the City to Bay fun run. We walked 6 Km, this doesn't seem much, but EldestOne has a few issues with running. It was a pretty good day, a bit of wind, and every so often we would get a sprinkling of rain.

Record crowds this year, over 30,000 people, but there didn't seem to be many folks in costumes (although there were some good ones).

The was a good vibe amongst the walkers, although EldestOne zoned out a bit, he had his headphones and music (he was mostly humouring me by coming along, but he actually enjoyed himself, and he may come next year).

We missed his mate playing music at the finishing line (we did about 5.5 Km per hour, not bad), and I don't think I raised much money for the Brain Foundation. If you have a bit of spare cash and would like to support brain research, please visit my fund raising website at Everyday Heros.

Oh, and today was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, Ahrrr Jim Lad!

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