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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Venus Shines Through

Left image, Venus, the Moon and Orion on Sunday May 16, 2010. The multiple dots are an aircraft passing through the field. Right Image, Venus and the Moon at higher magnification. Best to click on the image and embiggen for all the starry goodness happening in these images.

Well, the Conjunction of Venus and the Moon went very well, the whole thing looked fantastic. It was a bit hard to see Elnath and Zeta Tauri, but they actually came out in the images. The sky colours weren't as vivid as last week, but the path of the Moon in the water was cool.

Images from earlier in the evening.

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nice pictures.
Nice Pictures Ian !
I tried, but it was cloudy here in Sydney.
Dang! Better luck with the June apparition then.
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