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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Airfix in the House

MiddleOne is now a prime number old. His age added to that of EldestOne (also a prime number old) is a two digit even number. Adding the first and second digits gives SmallestOnes current age. Dividing the sum of EldestOnes and MiddleOnes age by SmallestOnes age gives the last digit of the sum itself.

Building fanatic MiddleOne has conceived a great desire to build AIrfix models, after seeing James May's "Toys", where he built a 1:1 scale model of a spitfire (yes 1:1 you read that right). So apparently has everyone else and the model shop (which I had to drag myself away from) was sold out of everyting Spitfire related. But he got this great Eurofighter.

The big issue is how to stop him hogging all the models so that I can have a go.

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My littlest son is not even the littlest prime number old, so Airfix models are not allowed yet. From the (Min Prime) Cubed son I got the "When can we ever make a model like that" after the show ...
He really loved the Scalectrix one too.
Of course I know I turned out all right after making all those models with that heady solvent, but I do wonder whether I should expose my kids to it yet ?
Hasn't the world changed ???
Oh, and he also asks me "When can we ever make the model of the Space 1999 Eagle Rocket fly ?"
Solvent Glue and Pyrotechnics - Such Boy fun ...
Tell (MinPrime) cubed that he can do it when he has completed the Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer (or Lego model of equal complexity) all by himself, no parental unit involvement at all.

The glue solvent isn't so bad with the modern glues (and the fancy applicator is a hoot). The main problem is the airfix paints, but we have done all the work in small batches on the back veranda in the open air, so no solvent problems so far.

Making the model rocket fly (and not get destroyed on impact) is a more complex problem. CO2 sparkler cylinders and fishing line can fix that though.
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