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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


More Venus in Daylight

Venus in the daytime. You need to click the image to enlarge it to see Venus.

Yep, this is the real deal. Taken 15 minutes before sunset, no clouds hiding the Sun, which was visible through the trees when I moved around setting up the shot. Unlike yesterdays image, which was on the threshold of sunset.

Several of my colleagues were leaving for home and wandered up to see why I was taking photos of empty sky. So I held an impromptu "footpath astronomy" session and I pointed out Venus to them and explaine dthe significance of this. Most people were impressed that they could see a planet in daylight.

I also went out at around 3;00 pm as well, after a few minutes looking in the wrong spot, I realised Venus was higher and spotted it instantly. I'm getting my eye back in for Venus in the daytime (I used to be very good at spotting it, but this year has been very hard to pick it out).

Over at SpaceWeather, they have a gallery of images from the occultation of Venus, take a look.

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