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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Latest Nova Scorpii News

Image Credit: Kasten Lindenmaier.

Nova Scorpii 2007 (V1280 Scorpii) has faded to around magnitude 4.5. A bit difficult under suburban skies to the unaided eye, but easy with binoculars. This spotters map will help, and my previous picture gives a good idea of the location as well.

For some northern hemipshere images see here. And tomorrow APOD will have a nova image.

UPDATE: The permalink to the APOD image is here. Auke Slotegraaf has a nice image of the Nova (next to a new nova) from South Africa

Hi :)
For some images of this nova (as well as the new one just 3deg away!!) from South Africa, check out my page at


Very nice. I've put a link up in the main article.
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