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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Well, its weird, Okay.

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog. Says it all, really. Favorite bit:

The difference bitwene pyracie and academicks ys so smalle that eyther opcioun shalle haue for yow the same resultes. Yn both cases, ye werke yn cramped condiciouns, and vndir tyme constrayntes, and do face manye folke who wolde fayne nat haue yow ther, and yet ye haue felaweshipe, and a grete deale of strong drinke, and eek a specialisede vocabularie the whiche othir peple vndirstonden nat. Al thogh fewe academicks weare eye-patches.

As an academic, that tickles my fancy. I should start wearing eyepstchs to committe meetings.

Arr, Jim lad, the meeting be come to order. We be considerin' of the appointments and promotions recommendations this day. Bosun, read ye the minutes o' the last meetin'...
Ynd a comlie greetyng to Ye gentlifolk that hight here from Ye hand-bill Pharyngula. Pray Ye set yow sleves downe and meke ye Merrie.
Certes Good sir John, thous hast a goodlie poynt there. Ich shall harken to thy rede and maken such talke at the next meetyng.
This should be our moto:

"But al thing in this worlde adoun is lyk vnto a cake fulle of beares– on the outsyde, it appeareth delicious and plesaunte, but inside yt is crawlinge wyth beestes that wisshe to clawe thee to deeth."

Is it synchronicity that the identy word is geiesfy?
Iff Ye hast founde Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog to be of interest, try Get Medieval Ye webcomic.
Lets try that again Get Medieval
Arrgh; where be this Merrie?
Bosun Bruce
Avast, 'tis this why yon ivy-covered halls be so bereft of portable swag, yet so rife with parrots?
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