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Thursday, May 04, 2023


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, May 5-6 2023.

 Morning sky on Saturday May 6 looking west as seen from Adelaide at 02:52 ACST. Similar views will be seen elsewhere in Australia at the equivalent local time. (click to embiggen). Note the subtle darkening of the Moon in the inset.

On the morning of May 6 there is a penumbral eclipse of the Moon, where the Moon glides through the outer segment of the shadow cast by Earth. There will be a faint, but visible, darkening of the Moons northern regions.

Unfortunately, this all occurs in the early morning, so you will need to get up in the early hours to see it. However, to eclipse aficionados the subtle darkening of the Moons bright light to a pearly glow is quiet beautiful. It is also the morning of the eta Aquariid meteor shower peak, so you can combine the two events if your are careful about your night vision.

The table below shows the time of the eclipse from Eastern, Central and Western Australia.

Penumbral Eclipse BeginsMaximum Eclipse Penumbral Eclipse Ends
1:12 am  AEST 6 May
03:23 am AEST 6 May05:34 am AEST6 May
12:42 am  ACST 6 May02:53 am ACST 6 May05:04 am AEST 6 May
11:23 pm  AWST 5 May01:23 am AWST 6 May03:34 am AWST 6 May

For other regions, see here for UT timings.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, May 5-6 2023 ;)
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