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Wednesday, April 01, 2020


Southern Skywatch April 2020 edition is now out!

Sky at 20:02 ACDST on Friday April 3 (60 minutes after sunset) looking west as seen from Adelaide. Venus is prominent in the sky and on top of the iconic Pleiades cluster. The inset shows the binocular  view of Venus and the Pleiades at this time.

Venus is a distinct "half Moon" shape in even small telescopes.

Similar views will be seen elsewhere in Australia 60 minutes after sunset, click to embiggen.

The April edition of Southern Skywatch is now up.

Saturn and Mars close 1 April. Venus in the Pleiades 3-4 April. Perigee Syzygy "super" Moon on April 8. Until around mid-month four bright planets will be seen in the morning sky, the moon traces down this ladder of planets, with an excellent massing on the 16th.

Mercury is an excellent in the morning sky until mid month , then is rapidly lost in the twilight.

Venus is high in the evening sky. It passes through the Pleiades 3-4 April. Venus is visited by the crescent Moon on the 26-27th and is at its greatest brilliance on the 28th.

 Mars comes close to Saturn on the 1st.

Jupiter climbs higher in the morning sky.

Saturn   climbs higher in the morning sky and is close to Mars on the 1st.

April 8, Moon at perigee (8 hours before Full Moon, this is a perigee Syzygy "super" Moon). April 16; Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the waning Moon close. April 21; Moon at Apogee. April 22, Mercury and the thin crescent Moon close low in the morning twilight. April 26-27; crescent Moon and Venus near.

April 8, Moon at perigee, April 21; Moon at Apogee.


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