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Tuesday, September 03, 2019


Southern Skywatch September 2019 edition is now out!

The Moon at 00:50 am AEST in Cairns on Monday 9 September just before Saturn disappears. The inset shows the telescopic view as just before Saturn disappears behind the Moon (click to embiggen).

On the evening of 8 September to te morning of 9 September Saturn is occulted by the waxing Moon as seen from north of a line from Perth to Rockhampton.

Saturn will disappear behind the dark limb of the Moon at a reasonable height for telescopic observation. In southern Australia the Moon and Saturn will be very close and visible together in telescopic eyepieces. (click to embiggen).

The September edition of Southern Skywatch is now up.

Mercury returns to the morning sky in the middle of  this month. but is very difficult to see After the 15th it is lost in the twilight.

Venus is lost in the twilight.

 Mars is close to the crescent Moon on the 2nd, low in the twilight, after this it is lost to view

Jupiter was at opposition on June the 11th, when it was brightest and biggest as seen from Earth.  Jupiter is still excellent for telescopic viewing. Jupiter is close to waxing Moon on the 10th.

Saturn was at opposition on July the 10th. The waxing Moon close to Saturn on the 12th. and and eastern Australia sees an occultation of Saturn.

September 6; Moon close to Jupiter. September 8-9; waxing Moon close to Saturn. September 8-9, an occultation of Saturn. September 30 thin crescent Moon near Mercury and Venus.

September 13 Moon at Apogee (apogee Moon), September 28 Moon at perigee.


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