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Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Southern Skywatch May 2018 edition is now out!

Evening sky on Saturday May 5 looking east  as seen from Adelaide at 23:00 ACST  . Jupiter is  high above the horizon, Saturn and Mars are clearly visible and the waning Moon is between Mars and Saturn.

The inset to the left  is a simulated telescopic view of Jupiter and its moons at this time, with Io reappearing from occultation by of Jupiter. The inset to the right is a simulated telescopic view of Saturn and the globular cluster M22.

Similar views will be seen throughout Australia at the equivalent local time (click to embiggen).

The May edition of Southern Skywatch is now up.

This month still sees most of the planetary action in the evening sky. Speedy Mercury is at its best in the morning sky but Venus and Jupiter become more prominent in the evening sky and Mars and Saturn rise higher in the late evening sky.

Jupiter is at opposition on the 9th, and is close to the Moon on the 27th.

 Mars is closest to M75 on the 14-15th

Saturn is close to the globular cluster M22 this month and is closest on the 15th.

May 27; Moon close to Jupiter. May 5; Mars, Saturn  and Moon close

May 6; Moon at Apogee.   May 18 Moon at Perigee.

May 7-9, Eta Aquarid meteor shower.

May 14, Crescent Moon close to Mercury in the twilight.

May 17-18, Crescent Moon near Venus


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