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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Leonid Meteor Shower (18-19 November, 2015)

Morning sky looking north-east as seen from Adelaide at 5:00 am local daylight saving time on Wednesday November 18 and Thursday November 189 showing Jupiter, Mars and Venus near Leo, with the Leonid Meteor shower radiant indicated with a starburst. Similar views will be seen elsewhere at the equivalent local time. Click to embiggen.

On the morning of Wednesday November 18 the Leonid Meteor shower peaked (from the point of view of Australians, that's 17 November UT), with the best time being between 3-4 am. However, there will be still some meteors on the morning of the 19th (18th UT)

This is a  not a particularly good Leonid year. Very few meteors will be visible (maybe one to two per hour). You can use the Meteor Flux Estimator to get a prediction for your location. Use the 13 Leonids option and don't forget to set the year to 2015.


Ian look at this


5:00 min mark.

It's a reflection from the ISS windows (doesn't help that he posts a lot of other image artefacts as well).
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