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Friday, March 20, 2015


Viewing Today's Solar Eclipse (20 March 2015)

The total Solar Eclipse of 20 March in the Northern Hemisphere is a long one, due to the perigee full Moon. Unfortunately the track of totality largely misses land. It is effectively only visible in the Fareo Islands and Svalbard Islands. A lot of the Northern Hemisphere sees a decent partial eclipse though.

While we in the Southen Hemisphere don't see any of this, there are a couple of live webcasts of the eclipse to help us enjoy it vicariously.

SLOOH observatory webcast (starts 8:30 UT, 19:30 AEDST, 19:00 ACDST, 18:30 AEST and 16:30 AWST) http://live.slooh.com/stadium/live/the-total-solar-eclipse-of-2015

Space.com webcast (starts same time as SLOOH) http://www.space.com/19195-night-sky-planets-asteroids-webcasts.html

Virtual telescope webcast (starts 8:00 UT) http://www.virtualtelescope.eu/

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