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Sunday, July 21, 2013


The First Images of Saturn and Earth are Here!

A raw image from the Cassini "Wave at Saturn" event. Image credit NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.

I hope you all had a great Wave at Saturn, the raw images from the event have ebb downloaded any you can find them here. They don't look like much, but this blog post from the Cassini team explains what the raw images are and how to search them. They need a bit of processing to make pretty pictures. 

And of course people have already started maig them into pretty pictires, ahed of the offical versions. Here's a brilliant image from Maksim Kakitsev, assembled from the various colour shots, showing Earth below the rings.

Here's an entire image series of Saturn and it's rings with Earth from Val Klavans.

One processed image that is doing the rounds is this one of the Earth and Moon. Image credit NASA/JPL/Space Science Center.

In the next few days we should expect to see more amazing images from the Day the Earth Smiled.

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