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Thursday, February 07, 2013


Please Think About Donating to the iTelescope.Net Siding Spring Bush Fire Appeal.

As you may remember, on January 13 bushfires devastated the the Warrumbungle shire, and raced up the Mountain engulfing the Siding Spring Observatory.

While the telescopes were saved, many homes were lost on the mountain and in the surrounding areas and many people lost everything.

Now iTelescope is collecting donations that will be sent to the Warrumbungle Shire Mayor's Bushfire Appeal and the ANU Siding Spring Observatory Fire - Staff Emergency Relief Fund. I quote from a post on iTelescope.Net

Please consider donating to the iTelescope.Net Siding Spring Bush Fire Appeal.


Thank you for all the generous donations so far! Within hours of the newsletter going live, we've managed to raise $2,766 AUD already. 

More details and donation links can be found here:

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