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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Not Seeing a Transit of Io

For the first time in ages the sky was clear enough and the atmosphere still enough to get my reflector telescopes out.

There was Europa coming out of eclipse, followed by a transit of Io. So I got out the 4" Newtonian and started setting it up for imaging.

It was nicely clear an I could see some intermediate atmospheric bands in the medium power eye piece. I showed the planet to MiddleOne, who has had a resergence in interest in what I do, then turned to get the imaging run ready.

So of course cloud came over, thick, orgulous cloud, exactly the kind you can't see Jupiter through. Sigh.

Oh for Drakskywatcher7 and all those who think Jupiter has tilted, it was in exactly the right orientation with regard to Omega Taurii and the minor stars that it should be.

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