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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Jupiter and The ISS, 25 January 2013

The International Space station passes under Jupiter at 21:41 ACST as seen from Adelaide (click to embiggen, 4 second exposure at 400 ASA with Canon IXUS)9 images, each 4 second exposures at 400 ASA, stacked to show the path of the ISS. The stars are trailed because of the rotation of the Earth during the exposures.

The international Space Station has been doing a series of bright passes in Australia. This is probably the most spectacular of all, with the ISS just below Jupiter.

Here's the amination I made by stacking all 9 frames in ImageJ

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Hi Ian,
I was walking up the stairs looking SSW throught a high window and saw a relatively bright flare just before midnight last night - here in Newcastle. I didn't know that there were satellites in such a high orbit that could do that so I had to rush outside to look and check it wasnt a plane or a GRB. It looks like it was one of a pair of US NOSS submarine detecting satellites. I didn't see the other, but I didn't know to look.
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