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Sunday, January 06, 2013


International Space Station Shoots Jupiter, 4 January 2013

The International Space Station as it glides above Jupiter on the 4-01-13 at round 21:30 AEDST. Canon IXUS 400 ASA 4 seconds exposure (click to embiggen and see the fainter stars).Overlay of 10 individual exposures using ImageJ, the camera isn't tracking the stars, so they trail due to Earth's rotation (click to embiggen and see the fainter stars).

Australia is seeing a series of bright ISS passes in the early evening. On the 4th the ISS passed close to Jupiter, Orion's Belt and the bright star Sirius. Only MiddleOne joined me to view the spectacle, but he was impressed. For conditions and exact timings for your location over the next few days see Heavens Above.

Animation made of the 10 frames above, a bit overexposed so the stars are clearer.

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