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Thursday, September 06, 2012


Southern Skywatch September 2012 Edition is now up.

The eastern horizon from Adelaide at 5:30 am on September 13 (similar views will be seen elsewhere in the Southern Hemisphere at around an hour before sunrise ).

The September edition of Southern Skywatch is now up. There's still lots of planetary action this month.

Venus is in the morning sky not far from Jupiter and is close to the crescent Moon on the 13th.

Jupiter is in the morning sky near the Hyades, on the 9th the crescent Moon and Jupiter are  close (time to look for Jupiter in the daylight).

Mars forms a triangle with Saturn and the bright star Spica . Mars is close to the crescent Moon on the 20th.

Mercury is lost in the twilight.
Variable star Mira is coming down from maximum brightness


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