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Monday, August 06, 2012


Live blogging Curiosity's Landing

22 minutes to Curiosity landing, all systems are working fine, Mars Oddessy is lining up to try and take a shot of Curiosity as it lands.

People are eating peanuts for luck.

Oddessy is in position, ready to listen to Curiosity

1 minute to separation of cruise ship

Cruise stage separation successful

Control rockets warming up, 7  minutes to re-entry

5 minutes to re-entry all well

Of course, due to light speed delay, it's all over for real. Time travel is heck!

2minutes to go, Curiosity is on target
Curiosity has begun guided re-entry, Odessy is picking up Curiosity!!

2 minutes to landing

Parachutes opened, all under controlled,

Under powered flight, sky range ready
 Skcrane started


Screen shot of rover wheel image

All images screen shots from NASA TV Livestream

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