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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


NEO 2012 OQ zips past IC5067

Close up of NEO asteroid 2012 OQ as it zooms pastFull field of view with IC5067, the asteroid is a bit difficult to see, but it is near the middle, click to embiggen, it's worth it
Asteroid 2012 OQ is a is a 195 m diameter rock that comes within 7.7 Earth-Moon distances of us. It is closest on July 24 at 18:23 UT (that's 4:23 am 25 July AEST). But it's also getting dim then.

I shot the asteroid using  iTelescope T5 earlier this evening when it was close to the nebula IC 5067. Sadly I lost over half of my images to drifting cloud, but I wasn't alone in this. Still, I think it came out rather well with the frames I did get (4x120 sec images stretched in  FITSliberator, stacked in ImageJ and despeckeled. While the asteroid is dimmer than 2012 LZ1 the nebula more than makes up for it.

Here's a slightly sad animation I made.

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