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Sunday, July 29, 2012


AVCON 2012

The boys in their Magica costumesA Dalek, a Doctor and Unit
Well, AVCON is over for another year, the boys costumes were a hit, with a fair few photos taken. My Steam Punk costume got no further than me whitening up my pith helmet and putting on my motorcycle boots, but maybe next year I can put something more interesting together.

I enjoyed AVCON, my favourite part being the panel (actually a lecture) on  why Americans perfere superheros and Japanese prefer giant robots by Crispin Freeman, the Diesel Punk panel was interesting too. Saw some good Anime as well (The Disappearance of Harui Suzumiya was excellent, as was the Full Metal Alchemist movie, and SquidGirl was cute) and some interesting art.

EldestOne was a bit disappointed, even though he got to play LAN games for the first time the year. MiddleOne had as much fun as I did though, aided by his friends turning up on Sunday. SmallestOne came in on Sunday and played retrogames. The costumes were pretty cool too.

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