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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Still More NEO 2012 LZ1

NEO 2012 LZ1 at 7:53 UT, nearly 9 hours after closest approach. 5x120 second Images taken with iTelescope T5. The images were stretched in FITSliberator, then stacked in ImageJ and a Max intensity Z project made, then despeckeled. NEO 2012 LZ1 two hours later, zipping through star clouds. Processing as for the earlier image.

These look to be my final images of the NEO 2012 LZ1, taken with the New Mexico T5 instrument nearly 9 and 11 hours after the asteroids closest approach.This is a much narrower FOV instrument that T14 and T16. A big thank you to Jeff Woods of iTelescope who adjusted the travel of T5 so we could take earlier images.

I'll now do some astrometry on these images to help refine the asteroids orbit.

There is a nice article at Universe Today which features one of my images, and here's a nice animation by Peter Lake using iTelescope T11. My other shots and animations of this asteroid are here, here and here.

My animation here

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