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Sunday, April 29, 2012


I Have the Best Life Partner Ever

The Bettdeckererschnappender Weisle has just returned from here trip to the USA, where she shared information on how to educate communities about bushfire risk.

She brought back loads of presents (I'm not worthy), I got a t-shirt dyed with colours that come from coffee beans, EldestOne got a T-shirt whose colours come from volcanic ash and the two others got "Angry Birds" hats.

The outstanding present was an "iHelicopter" a toy remote control helicopter you can run from your iPad, iPad or iPhone. MiddleOne, who is slowly building a remote control plane, is having great fun. But everyone else is getting a go too. I'm very good at smashing it into the ceiling.

I also got an Olympus SZ-14. It has a fantastic 24x optical zoom, selectable ASA ratings, and a whole bunch of other useful features. The only thing that it lacks is user selectable shutter speeds. Still, this will go into my  bushwalking/astrophotography reasonably priced cameras group. Should be great for lunar eclipses and twilight Venus.

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Will there be a day when you explain to your loyal readers what "Bettdeckererschnappender" is supposed to mean? It's made up from the German words for blanket, he and snatching but there is no recognizable grammatical structure and thus they don't form a valid composite noun. And all (360!) Google hits lead back to this blog ...
I know what it means !
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