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Thursday, March 22, 2012


My First Image of Supernova 2012aw near M95

This is my first image of the new supernova 2012aw in M95, taken with iTelescope T05 (5 x 120sec exposures stretched in FITS liberator and stacked in image J). Click to embiggen.

Compare this with the discovery image. There's a lot of light contamination because M95 is so close to Mars at the moment.

Of course, as nice as pretty pictures are, on going observations are needed to follow the brightness curve of this type IIp supernova. I'll do some magnitude estimates when I get the time.

You can get a Stellarium plugin with all the bright historical supernovas if you want (hat tip Ethan Siegel).

The Bad Astronomer has a great many image links and a video. And here's another iTelescope image from Francis Walsh.

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