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Friday, February 24, 2012


Moon, Venus, Jupiter Line-Up, February 24, 2012

Left image: The crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter line up in the evening sky half an hour after susnet. Right Image: the reflection of the crescent Moon in the water. Click to embiggen Its worth it).

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Really really nice pictures Ian. You have a nice spot near the sea there ...

Can you help me?
This is related to the VENUS2012 post series that i write on my blog (linksthroughspace). I discuse the phases of Venus and my questions are do we call the phases of Venus as we call the phases of the Moon? Do we say in this case waning gibbous @ 67%?

Great shot again!
Cool pictures!
So in s
Seattle on Feb 26, in addition to Venus and Jupiter and the crescent moon, there was a slowly moving object about the same brightness as Venus travelling south in the sky for about 4 mine until it faded out. I think it was a satellite - anybody confirm this?
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