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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


More Amazing Comet C/2011 W3 Lovejoy Images

High resolution false colour image of Comet C/2011 W3 Lovejoy from the STEREO H1A imager. Images courtesy of Karl Battams and STEREO/NASA.

Comet Lovejoy moves away from the Sun 18-19 December 2011, false colour, note the development of an ion tail. The long "spikes" from the comet and Jupiter (the other bright object) are imager artefacts. See my animation below.

Some more fantastic images of comet Lovejoy are coming out of the data. Via Karl Battams we have a quicktime movie of Comet Lovejoy in STEREO/SECCHI's EUVI-A imager's 171-Angstrom wavelength camera, showing amazing wiggles in the comets tail.

Then there is an animated H1A view of the comet, processed differently from mine to subtract stars.

Animation of the comet in H1A in false colour to highlight tail details.

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Great videos!

I'm amateur astronomer, too :-)

Few days ago I searched Lovejoy's comet (few hours after sun rise) when object had about -2 mag but unfortunately I didn't observed this comet. My localisation is not good for this, too.

Very interesting Blog. I'm reading Your posts from many weeks:-).

I greet from northern Poland!
Hawkeye or Tomas :-)
This is a very good post, thanks! It’s the first time I come to your site, just found it in Bing. I’ve been going around and there’s a lot of top quality work. But I tried to add it to my RSS Reader and can’t. Perhaps it’s a only something going on with me… I’ll contact you if it stays like this!
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