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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I Saw It Again! (comet Lovejoy's tail is pretty)

Getting up at 4 am did the trick, the tail was visible by 4;30 and best around 4;45. I still used my Google SkyMap to orient myself. The tail was best seen with averted vision, but given that the tail is in the most light polluted part of the skywhere I am, rising over the cement works lit up like a chistmas tree, that is not bad.

Got a good look at Lovejoy from our paddock 250Km NE of Melbourne this morning. Got the whole family up at 4.30 am and 15yo daughter Grace (now taking interest after her younger sister Lara won a prize with her lunar eclipse series
earlier in 2011) took a nice pic using mum's DSLR (50mm lens) and my bulb/shutter release. She bracketed a few exposures and the 30sec exposure looks best.
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