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Monday, September 05, 2011


For the Astronomer who has Everything (Part 2)

My fathers day Dalek T-Shirt illuminated by my LED cap. I have the best family in the worldAnd the worst parrot, I used my LED cap to illuminate and repair parrot chewed wires to make the computer work again

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Useful Casimir effect for cheap spacelaunches.
The Casimir effect is traditionally demonstrated by placing two thin parallel plates mere micrometers apart in a vacuum and letting them slam together. The effect is due to vacuum energy. It can in principle be used to modify the vacuum for cheap spacelaunches and efficient space travel, but that requires preventing the plates from slamming together, so that the Casimir effect remains. That can be done by repulsive magnetic fields or by mechanically holding the plates in the edges (only in the edges, to keep the space between them). Another possibility is to abandon the parallel plates altogether and use microchannels or other microscopic holes instead. Anyone is free to build it, I am not going to claim any patent or money.
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