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Friday, August 05, 2011


I'm on the Conversation (about Homeopathy)

Following on from my interview on Today Tonight on homoeopathy (which was finally aired on the east coast last week), I now have an article at The Conversation about homoeopathy. Drop over for a read.

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While I have a sense of humor about my "hippie Science "coupled with great respect for actual science ..I also feel like science has become a sort of fundamentalist religion and sometimes stunts it's own growth.I think that many times (but not always)Homeapathy is a scam ..I have seen very sick people respond to alternative treatments after western medicine has failed .I think that more research should be done on placebo effects as I have found it to be very powerful.I am not a scientist and am not qualified on any level to agree or disagree on specifically Homepathic remedies .All I can go by is my own experience however misinformed it may be .I am from a rural farm community in Georgia therefore I was raised on home remedies where whiskey cures every thing !LoL from a baby teething to the common cold
CIAO for now ,
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