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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Shuttle Atlantis and the ISS over Australia

Brendan O'Brien captured this shot of the shuttle and ISS with his wife's DSLR and 75mm lens (7 second exposure copyright Brendan O'Brien, please don't use without his permission).

Sadly, the sky was very badly clouded out here, so I saw nothing. Many of my correspondents were clouded out too (sobs bitterly). My mate Dean Male got some shots through a hole in the cloud which was not over my way (sobs again).

At IceInSpace some lucky folks got shots of the pass, some in high resolution.

The NASA shuttle site has images from NASA TV of the shuttle departing, and a video of the undocking. Via the Bad Astronomer is this video of the ISS and Shuttle seen in daylight.

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Sobs bitterly indeed.
I saw it on Sunday evening when Atlantis was docked, but I sooo wanted to see it tonight.
On Sunday night I had to drag people into the street to show them a bright spot of light from 3 space craft, 1 station and ten people !

Maybe tomorrow night will be clear - the shuttle will be a long way behind won't it ?
Me too, the cloud was just too thick.

Tomorrow, in Adelaide the shuttle will be passing Antares as the ISS passes through Leo. A fair distance apart, but still worth watching.
:( Too much clouds. Not even a slight chance of a look.
I saw it from Litchfield, Western Victoria last night (Tuesday 19th 7:3pm), It was clearly visible with the (I presume) ISS followed closely by a more redish object, the shuttle. The ISS has a stream of light like a comet tail at 3 o'clock and then extending down in a curve to the 7 o'clock position some distance below the ISS. Very spectacular. What would that have been?
More bitter sobbing can be heard from Lake Macquarie !
saw them both pass over Wednesday night - wondrous! Little bit of cloud cover, but very view of both. Sorry - no photos, just memories!
from Di Hulse, Toorak Gardens 5065
Congratulations to all who saw it Tuesday or Wednesday. I got some great shots tonight (Wed 20th) despite cloud. I'll post them later.
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