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Monday, May 30, 2011


Aurora in Tasmania

Shortly after I went to bed on Saturday night, the automated aurora alert went off briefly (sorry tassie Subscribers to Aurora alert), with no prior warning of flares or such. It turns out there was a nice auroral display, some pictures are here at spaceweather, and here at the Hobart Mercury.

New Zealand also got to see some.

Maybe next time I will be awake when auroa happen.


i miss the aurora, i hope that it will come again
the reading on the NOAA POES web site was around 420 GigaWatts. To many clouds around for me to be lucky.
Me too CometAl, the sky has been unkind to me, being sparkly clear then clouding out when I want to observe.

Felali, there were a couple of M class flares in the last few days, so there is a chance they might come again in the next few days.
I read from SpaceWeather.com, the Aurora may appear again on June 4th !!!

How/Where do I subscribe to this automated aurora alert?
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