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Friday, February 11, 2011


Venus Near M22 and M25 On Saturday 12 Feb, 2011

Left hand image: Venus in Sagittarius at 5:00 am, local daylight saving time, above the eastern horizon. Right hand image: Approximate binocular view showing Venus near M22 and M25 (the stars are not going to be that bright, unless you are well away from city lights, have dark adapted your eyes for some time and have really good binoculars). Click on images to embiggen.

Just a reminder that on the morning of Saturday February 12 Venus passes between the globular cluster M22 and the open cluster M25. This will look very nice in binoculars in the early morning before twilight starts. If you look around 5:00 am (local daylight saving time), this will be before astronomical twilight, when the sky is quite dark, and Venus and the clusters should be high enough that horizon murk will not interfere as much. Do remember to take some time to dark adapt your eyes.

I was able to pick up (weakly) M22 on a 15 second exposure at ASA 400 using my Canon IXUS, so you might be able to get decent shots of this

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